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5 Reasons To Invest In Your Skincare

Not all skincare products are created equal. Whether you’re new to the world of serums and retinoids or are a seasoned user, it can be intimidating to make the upgrade from over-the-counter products to medical-grade. Here are 4 reasons to take the plunge: 

Medical grade products will save you money down the line 

Although initially an upfront investment, incorporating medical-grade products in your routine often means you’ll be using fewer products. Medical grade skincare is packed full of higher quality ingredients, making them more effective. You won’t find filler ingredients. 

One way to ease the transition is to replace your old products as they run out. Remember, a good skincare routine doesn’t require 12 steps. Be sure your staples are up to snuff: This means a cleanser, SPF, a moisturizer, and a retinol. Building up your collection slowly is a great way to ensure you aren’t breaking the bank in one credit card swipe. 

Medical grade products actually work

No matter how many five-star reviews your favorite product gets, the reality is that no over-the-counter product has pressure to back up the claim. For medical-grade skincare, the products must have clinical research and studies done to back any claims of their benefits. Because of this unique distinction, medical-grade products are FDA-approved. 

Bonus points? You won’t have to burn and churn through endless products until you find something that works — with medical-grade, all of it does. 

Medical grade products go deeper

Due to the rigorous research and tests medical-grade products go through before they’re approved for market, the products reach deeper depths of the dermis. Oftentimes they’re formulated with bioavailable ingredients, meaning they can be used immediately and effectively by the treated skin. This differentiator leads to quicker and better results. 

Medical grade products are more potent 

In addition to medical-grade products using higher quality ingredients, they also include more effective ones. Expect to find the highest concentration of things like retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, stem cells, and other proven ingredients of change. Although over-the-counter products may incorporate these ingredients as well, they typically don’t contain enough to be effective. 

Medical grade products can be tailored to your skin type

Since the best way to purchase medical-grade skincare is through your provider (us!), we’re able to recommend a regimen that is tailored to exactly what you need. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare and by assessing your specific skin and hearing about your concerns, we’re able to recommend the right products for you

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