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Sun Damage

What Is Sun Damage?

The term “sun damage” describes premature aging of the skin due to overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Frequent sun exposure hurts your skin’s ability to maintain antioxidants, hyaluronic acid content and vitamins. When these components decline, we tend to develop uneven pigmentation, brown spots and other such issues. Though this kind of damage does occur naturally over time, sun exposure tends to speed up the process.

What Causes Sun Damage?

Sun damage occurs when one is overexposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are two types of UV rays that cause damage to the skin: UVA and UVB. UVA are longer waves that give you a tan, but they also activate the skin in an unhealthy way. UVA rays are not responsible for sunburns. They penetrate the skin much deeper than UVB rays and trigger premature aging. UVB rays are shorter waves that can also accelerate early signs of aging. UVB rays are considered the most common cause of skin cancers.

Non-invasive Treatment Options

Our Midland, Michigan center is dedicated to helping alleviate skin conditions caused by prolonged sun exposure. Our treatments range from lasers to products and everything in between. When you come in for a consultation, we will take the time to evaluate your condition and do all we can to provide you with a treatment option fit for your particular needs.

Our Treatments Include


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Sun Damage Treatments in the Midland, Great Lakes Bay Region

At glo Skin Spa, our mission is to provide the Midland, Michigan community with the highest quality professional aesthetic services. Our range of treatment options for reducing signs of sun damage is fully customizable and tailored to your desires. We welcome you to come in for a visit and allow us to help you beautify your skin. To request an appointment, please call us at (989) 465-7721 or email: [email protected] today!

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