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What Is Unwanted Fat?

Great nutrition and exercise plans are essential to maintaining your long term health. However, diet and exercise programs can only go so far in helping rid our bodies of unwanted fat. Certain parts of our bodies tend to retain and cling on to fat despite our best attempts at weight loss. Stubborn fat often clings to our bodies for a variety of reasons including estrogen imbalances, a sedentary lifestyle and certain genetic factors. When all else fails, investing in an aesthetic treatment may be the best course of action.

What Causes Stubborn Fat?

Fat reduction can take quite a while, resulting in a lack of motivation for some. Besides this, unwanted fat has a habit of clinging on to our bodies for a variety of reasons. Certain hormone imbalances, improper nutrition and even genetics can all block you from looking your best. To make matters worse, unwanted fat areas such as those around the belly, thighs and arms have been shown to release fat more slowly than other areas due to density.

Available Treatment Options

At glo Skin Spa, we offer two treatment options for tackling unwanted fat, Kybella® and Emsculpt® NEO. The former is an injectable treatment used to address submental or double chin fat. Kybella® acts quickly to reduce double chin appearance in as little as three treatment sessions without downtime. Emsculpt® NEO, on the other hand, is used to target the muscular core and the buttocks. This treatment uses muscular contractions to simulate intense workouts and facilitate long-term muscle development. Through Emsculpt® NEO, patients can strengthen their muscles and set the way for long-term weight reduction.


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Unwanted Fat Reduction in the Midland, Great Lakes Bay Region

At glo Skin Spa, our mission is to provide the Midland, Michigan community with the highest quality professional aesthetic services. Our unwanted fat reduction treatments are designed to help you reach your personal wellness and beauty goals. We welcome you to come in for a visit and take advantage of our Kybella® and Emsculpt® NEO treatments. To request an appointment, please call us at (989) 465-7721 or email: [email protected] today!

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