Benefits of using Fillers

A key component to achieving youthful-looking skin is retaining volume. As we age, our skin volume decreases naturally and shows signs of flattened skin. Get the revitalizing look of younger looking skin from the inside out with fillers: an effective answer for volume loss and deeper lines.

Fillers produce a stunning transformation to add volume and a refreshed look. Most filler treatments take a mere 30 minutes from start to finish, with results that can last between nine months and a year. Those who wish to plump thinner lips, improve the look of scars, soften facial wrinkles or enhance contours can experience the amazing benefits of fillers.

Create the look of vivaciousness

At glō Skin Spa, we utilize the premium JUVÉDERM® family of fillers to address your specific target areas. Rather than relaxing the muscles like BOTOX® does, dermal fillers plump up the skin area to erase lines and fill in skin folds commonly found around the mouth and nose. The treatment also help restore fullness and volume in the face, which eliminates the look of sagging, aging skin.

Fillers are an effective method with long-lasting results to boost your skin’s elasticity and plump up the volume to create the look of vivaciousness. Bring your inner beauty to the surface and let yourself shine.

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