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How Filler Can Plump Your Cheeks

Envious of Bella Hadid’s perfect cheekbones? Wanting to treat yourself to a little something special this holiday season? (The answer should always be “yes.”) Say no more. We have the perfect treatment to gift to yourself that will boost your confidence all the way into 2021.

This is everything you need to know about filler and how it can be used to transform your look.

What is filler and how is it different from Botox?

Unlike Botox — a neurotoxin that freezes the nerves surrounding the treated area — injectable fillers smooth out the treated area by instead filling in the skin. Hence the name “filler.’

The active ingredient found in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally-occurring substance that is naturally found in the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to store moisture and gives skin that plump, hydrated look.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works: 

As you age, your body loses the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. Injected, HA can restore plumpness and replenish your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. One injection can last up to a year and will add volume and decrease wrinkles depending on the injection site. 

Although you may see this ingredient listed in some of your favorite skincare products, topical application can only moisturize. (That being said, it’s a great addition to any skincare regimen and we highly recommend incorporating an HA forward product to your routine!)

How does it add volume?

Since we’re specifically focusing on how Juvederm filler can help transform the look of your cheekbones, we have to hone in on the volume-increasing capabilities. 

As we age, our bones get thinner, causing deeper folds at the bottoms of the cheeks that result in a sagging appearance. While it’s totally natural and normal, we understand wanting to restore the volume, and with the right amount of filler, this can be corrected.

Once injected the HA in Juvederm will fill in the drooping area, or add definition to an existing area — aka if you weren’t born with cheekbones that could cut glass, there’s filler for that. 

How long does it last?

Juvederm filler lasts for up to a year, so don’t worry about making follow-up appointments anytime soon. The exact length of time you can expect your cheek filler to last is dependent on how much you get. We can discuss details in-office though.

Does it hurt?

You’ll certainly feel some pressure, and expect to feel sore afterwards, but we’ll also provide a numbing cream ahead of time to ensure a comfortable experience. Afterwards, we’ve got ice packs that will help to curb any additional swelling or pain you may feel.

When will I see results?

Expect your cheeks to look a bit swollen immediately after. If you’re worried that your cheeks look too puffy, don’t. This is normal! After a few days, the swelling will subside and you’ll be able to assess your new look. 

What’s next?

Wave goodbye to all your filters! You’ll be photo-ready for 2021. Don’t wait any longer to achieve the aesthetic of your dreams. Learn more about fillers here! Give us a call today: (989) 217-8208 to set up an appointment or consultation!


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