No surgery required

Created for excess skin under the chin and neck, Kybella® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable to reduce fat under the chin and provide a tighter, smoother look. This innovative treatment is also minimally invasive. No surgery is required to feel confident and walk into a room with your head held high.

This injectable might be right for you if you’re bothered by submental fullness (fat under the chin) and feel your condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are. It’s also ideal for those who eat a healthy diet and exercise, but the submental fullness will not diminish.

What to Expect

To achieve your desired look, our Kybella®-trained specialists will administer a series of injections under the chin area over a course of predetermined treatments. The injections are brief—about 15 to 20 minutes—and give long lasting results.

Everyone’s chin profile is different. We will collaborate with you to identify how many treatments will work for you. The number of treatment sessions will vary based on the amount of fat under the chin and your treatment goals.

Erase your worries with this noninvasive procedure that will leave you feeling confident every time you look in the mirror.

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