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Meet the Forever Young BBL: Your New Favorite Treatment

Summer is officially over. While that brings cozy nights and short days, it also brings residual skin damage from the sunshine season. Whether you spent your summer sun-bathing, exploring the great outdoors, or something in between, if your skin saw the sun, now is the time to reverse the damage.

One of our favorite procedures to combat skin damage is the Forever Young BBL. If the name alone isn’t enough to convince you to take a leap of faith, here’s what you need to know about this game-changing treatment: 

Utilizing light therapy, the Forever Young BBL is able to address sun damage, remove age spots, fight wrinkles, tackle acne, and correct redness. Essentially, no matter what you’re looking to improve upon, the Forever Young BBL is a good tool to have in your box. 

Essentially, it works by relying on infrared invisible light technology to heat and destroy damaged skin while inviting collagen and elastin growth. The wavelength of the device is tailored to your skin type so there’s no risk of burning the skin or damaging it.  

Meanwhile, the heat absorbed will encourage skin cell growth and regeneration (which leads to collagen growth) in the deeper layers of skin, while the “energy” setting addresses the surface layers and efficiently addresses your trouble areas. 

In other words? The sun doesn’t stand a chance against this VIP laser treatment. 

Although the Forever Young BBL device is typically used on the face, it can also be used on the neck, décolletage, hands, and arms — meaning all of your sun damage can be addressed. 

Following the procedure, expect to get back to your everyday activities right away. However, despite the fact that there’s no official downtime, your skin may be a bit red. This is normal and will subside in a few days.

Forever Young BBL is an innovative and effective treatment that only gets better the more you learn! One session takes anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes, and with no downtime, you’ll be able to put on makeup immediately afterward and resume outdoor activities the following day — just be sure to apply plenty of SPF. 

As for results, you’ll begin to notice them within as little as a week, but since collagen growth takes time, your final results will show up closer to six weeks.*

Ready to upgrade your skin and rejuvenate your life? The sun may not be shining as bright, but you still can. Restore your skin, your confidence, and your natural beauty with this revitalizing treatment. Give us a call to book yours today: (989) 214-4523


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