Harness the Power of Plasma

Harness the Power of Plasma

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The power to revitalize your skin is within you.

PRP Facials, also known as “vampire facials”, unlock the power the platelet-rich plasma, a formula your body naturally produces in the blood. A PRP Facial utilizes a microneedling instrument to reintroduce this plasma back into your skin–resulting in firmer, glowing skin!

PRP Facials are safe and painless, and are 10% off all February.

Blood is drawn from the arm by a licensed nurse practitioner.

The sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate out the platelet-rich plasma.

Plasma is distributed evenly on the skin and then injected into the face by way of microneedling.  

Redness and swelling is to be expected immediately following the procedure. Glo Skin Spa will provide an aftercare package which helps symptoms reside in 1-2 days.

With results you can’t wait to share!

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