Solutions and action begin with conversation. At glō Skin Spa, our team of skincare experts are dedicated to developing a customized plan that is specific to you, your skin type and your goals.

Our comprehensive skin consultation and age simulator will provide a true reflection of what your skin looks like now, and what it can look like in the future. Utilizing the latest thermal technologies, we will scan and capture an image of your skin to determine the best treatment plan specifically tailored for YOU!

The REVEAL® age simulator takes information scanned from your image. You will be able to immediately view what your skin would look like in 5-7 years if you did nothing for your skin. It’s a helpful and informative starting point to see where you are now, and how we can come alongside you to achieve a gratifying glow for years to come.

The consultation allows you to chat one-on-one with our team to ask questions, communicate your goals and learn more about your skin type.

By developing a personalized plan, we can tailor our services to your precise skincare needs so you can look and feel your best.*

REVEAL® consultations cost only $50. This $50 will be refunded to you after you have received your first glō treatment.

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