REVEAL® Skin Care Consultation

With the REVEAL® comprehensive skin consultation and age simulator, you get exactly what your skin needs and nothing more. Our state-of-the-art tech scans your face to provide a true reflection of skin health, and can predict what it may look like in the future. From there, Glo Skin Spa can determine the best treatment plan specifically tailored for you and your beauty goals.

  1. REVEAL imager makes a complete scan of your facial skin.

2. Thermal imaging shows us what’s invisible to the naked eye.

3. Our skincare experts suggest treatments that work best for your needs.

A Cause Close To Our Hearts

From our own experiences, we at Glo Skin understand that battling breast cancer takes confidence. We’re all about building confidence through beautiful skin. That’s why portions of Glo Skin Spa proceeds are donated to local groups and initiatives for individuals affected by breast cancer.

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