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What Is LightStim?

LightStim is a safe, gentle and FDA cleared UV-light device. When used effectively, this device can provide noticeable improvements for those struggling with poor skin tone, texture, wrinkles and pain. These conditions can be treated without adverse side effects. When used for acne treatment, LightStim has been shown to destroy bacteria, reduce inflammation and improve circulation without the dryness or irritation common with other acne treatments.


How Does LightStim Work?

The LightStim device works by emitting UV-free, beneficial light energy directly to the skin. Each product uses different wavelengths, or colors, of light. Depending on the device’s wavelength, it can treat aches and pains, acne, and wrinkles. The secret to this technology is its LED light source and its ability to promote healing within the body. 

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What Does LightStim Treat?

The versatility of the device makes it adept at reducing and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, helping you regain your skin’s youthful appearance. Treating mild to moderate acne and calming existing breakouts is another benefit of the treatment. Additionally, the soothing energy emitted by this device provides relief from aches and pains by improving blood circulation.

What to Expect During LightStim Treatment

LightStim sessions typically take 20 minutes. During this time, the rejuvenating wavelengths emitted by the LED lights will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.*

Results of LightStim Treatment

When provided by a professional, this LED therapy can effectively reduce pain, increase blood circulation, and improve skin quality.* Some results may be seen immediately after your session.* However, optimal results have been reported after eight weeks following treatment.

LightStim Treatments in the Midland, Great Lakes Bay Region

At glo Skin Spa, our mission is to provide the Midland, Michigan community with the highest quality professional aesthetic services. As such, we are thrilled to offer the LightStim treatment to help our clients with their acne, wrinkles and pain. To request an appointment, please call us at (989) 465-7721 or email: [email protected] today!

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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