Skin Omega Vitamins

What Are Skin Omega Vitamins?

Skin Omega Vitamins are our clinically tested vitamins that deliver Omega-3 fatty acids to your body, rejuvenating many of your organs, including your skin. You may have heard Omega-3 having been referred to as “good fat.” They are crucial to a balanced diet and good health, with a range of antioxidant benefits.


What Are Some of the Benefits of Skin Omega Vitamins?

Omega-3 is critical for skin renewal. It is anti-inflammatory and restorative, which means Skin Omega vitamins can benefit all types of skin, whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or persistent acne. These vitamins can give you smoother skin and help your skin stay more hydrated. 

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What Else Do Skin Omega Vitamins Do For Skin?

Our premium, purified omega-3 fish oil, and omega-6 capsules are the perfect supplement to help you maintain a healthy lipid layer and strong skin integrity for a glowing, smoother complexion. Whatever other skin care regimens you undertake will only be enhanced by the addition of Skin Omega vitamins.

What Is Special About Our Skin Omega Vitamins?

These vitamins combine omega-3, Vitamin A, and omega-6 from evening primrose oil. Take two capsules a day with food. They are easy to digest and a great supplement to your regular skin care routine. Capsules containing bio-identical ingredients dissolve in less than 30 minutes after ingestion for fast nutrient absorption.

Skin Omega Vitamins in Midland, Michigan

At glō Skin Spa, our mission is to provide the Midland, Michigan community with the highest quality professional skin care. We encourage all of our clients to supplement their skin care routine with Skin Omega vitamins. To find out more about how the right supplements and vitamins can help fight skin aging, please call us at 989-465-7721 or email: [email protected] today.

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