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The Year of You with a VIP Membership

You take care of everyone, let us take care of you! Make this your 2021 resolution: to purchase a VIP membership at Glo Skin Spa. Is there a fresher way to start a new year than to start it with Glo Skin Spa? We don’t think so. And we think you’ll agree once you know what a VIP Membership provides for you.

Getting started

Our Glo VIP membership starts on January 1, 2021. The sooner you join, the sooner you’ll start feeling pampered. Your $200 membership fee unlocks a year’s worth of advantages for your skin

So here are the advantages you’ll receive with your Glo VIP membership:

When less is more

Who doesn’t love it when your favorite services or products go on sale? You could wait for special promotions. Or you could receive 10% off all items and services all the time with a VIP membership! Which services are on your must-have list? Are you hooked on our Hydrafacial? Just imagine getting 10% off every time you come to Glo Skin Spa!

Perhaps you love the long-lasting results of our laser treatments. Maybe you rely on our staff’s medical expertise in providing injections. They also make sure your chemical peel is best suited to your skin type. Whatever your favorite treatment is you’ll receive it for less! That’s how we treat our VIP members.

Now imagine visiting our Glotique and receiving 10% off every item you purchase! Your SkinMedica regimen now costs 10% less. With your savings on what you use every day, you can now splurge on the jewelry or yoga wear we carry in the Glotique because it’s also 10% off. Our Glo VIP membership just keeps getting better!

Double-dipping allowed!

Here at Glo Skin Spa, you won’t be disappointed by a “no other discount can be applied” rule in the fine print. Of course, our Glo VIPs can combine promotional offers! We would never slap your wrist for double-dipping! When we have a regular sale at 10% off, you’ll also receive your usual 10% off. That’s 20% off! Now that’s VIP treatment!

Special, not spam

You know how annoying email lists can be. Businesses bombard you daily with messages. After a week, you’re ready to unsubscribe! You simply want to be left alone.

You won’t feel that way about Glo Skin Spa’s VIP special membership email list. It’s exclusive to VIP members for special promotions and events. It’s news you’ll want to hear about! And did we mention it’s exclusive? When we say “exclusive,” we mean it!

Renew on day one

Of course you can join our VIP membership whenever you like, but keep in mind that all memberships renew at the beginning of the calendar year. You could enroll for VIP membership in March, and you’ll still have most of the year to enjoy all the benefits. It’s better to sign up in March than to wait for nine months to become a VIP! But why delay? Give yourself a whole year of you! Join in January!

Sign up now

Most New Year’s resolutions involve a “no pain no gain” mentality. It’s no wonder most people abandon their resolutions before January is over! But you’ll love the way your VIP Membership at Glo Skin Spa pampers you.

Now that you also know what a bargain VIP membership is, take a moment to sign up. It’s one of the best ways you can invest in yourself. This is a resolution you’ll want to keep all year long! So indulge!


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