Unwanted hair is a common condition

While body hair is our natural, biological way of staying warm and protecting the skin, hair covering certain areas of the body can also feel uncomfortable or out of line with your beauty preferences. Unwanted hair is a common condition that experts have tried to address for years. Areas of unwanted hair along the bikini line, the underarms, legs and face are common target areas.

There are several solutions to remove unwanted hair, though these options have their own particular drawbacks. While shaving may be quick, it also can lead to such issues as rough hair stubble, bumps, razor burn and ingrown hair…plus, the results are anything but long-lasting. The daily task of constantly shaving, buying razors, replacing dull razor blades, accidentally cutting yourself when using the razor…it can be frustrating. Waxing is another solution that does remove unwanted hair, but can be painful and messy.

Long term relief

Our services at glō Skin Spa offer long-term relief to unwanted hair. Whether the hair is on the face (also known as vellus hair, or peach fuzz), or on certain areas of the body, our skincare treatments can help you smooth your areas of concern and leave you feeling fresh and luxurious.

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