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What Is Melasma?

Age spots, brown spots and uneven pigmentation begin to tarnish our beautiful complexions after age 30. In addition, the appearance of natural, age-related brown spots is often exacerbated by frequent sun exposure. An abundance of these issues is commonly referred to as melasma, and can often feel difficult to deal with. Thankfully, treatments in the form of aesthetic lasers, skin care products and other options do exist and are offered at glo Skin Spa.

Why Does Melasma Occur?

Melasma and other similar pigmentation issues are caused by overactive cells. The appearance of age spots, melasma and sun damage on the face is in equal parts attributed to the “clumping” of melanin and ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Despite knowing the cause of these concerns, the scope of their appearance is often unpredictable. Some age spots develop very slowly, while others can appear without warning. Their unpredictable nature, unfortunately, means that we can’t control their onset. However, these spots can be treated once they appear.

Melasma Treatment Options

Our Midland, Michigan center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of these pesky aesthetic conditions. We offer a range of melasma treatment options. These treatments range from non-invasive to minimally invasive and are all FDA-approved for use on the skin. The results of our treatments are guaranteed to deliver understated, yet effective results. You’ll look like a younger, healthier you without any obvious signs of cosmetic treatment.

Our Treatments Include


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Melasma Treatments in the Midland, Great Lakes Bay Region

At glo Skin Spa, our mission is to provide the Midland, Michigan community with the highest quality professional aesthetic services. Our range of treatment options is always tailored to your individual needs and designed to help stop melasma in its tracks. We welcome you to come in for a visit and allow us to help you beautify your skin. To request an appointment, please call us at (989) 465-7721 or email: [email protected] today!

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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